Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Geometric Scavenger Hunt-- Keeping kids learning on the move

Another assignment for our math methods class was the creation of directions and  an assessment rubric for a geometric scavenger hunt. I have included a sheet for brainstorming as it feel it's necessary to think ahead and be organized before venturing out into the unknown.


The second part of the assignment was to create a PowerPoint similar to what I would expect my students' presentations to look like. Most of the pictures were taken around my local community; a few from Disney made the cut :) Enjoy!

The Many Ways to Make Cents-- Integrated math and children's literature lesson plan with a focus on equivalent coin combinations

For math methods this quarter, I was required to create a lesson plan using a children's picture book. Because my class is currently learning about and working with coins, I thought a lesson on equivalent coin combinations would be challenging but engaging for the students. Please see below for lesson plan with needed templates and rubric.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The light at the end of the tunnel..........

As my graduate classes come to a close and my internship quickly approaches, I felt that starting a blog to collect my thoughts, share my resources, and reflect on classroom experiences would connect me to the professional community of educators and the expanding number of teacher/classroom blogs. I must admit that I am obsessed with visiting other educators' blogs because they create and post many fabulous resources. I only hope that some day people will find my blog as purposeful and exciting as I find others.